Virgin a/4

Virgin – advanced 4

GRAMMAR: Verbs of Advice

You should = to indicate obligation and used to criticise someone’s actions.
You should work hard and stop complaining.

If I were you I would = to give an example of a recommended action.
If I were you I would buy the tickets early because they are cheaper.

Why not = to recommend a possible action.
If the plan fails why not try a different strategy.  


Look at the expressions and learn them:
To reckon – I reckon it will work if you can attract financial support.
To guess – Hard work and good luck make a great combination, I guess.
Fancy that – £10 million pounds profit, well fancy that (hard to imagine).

VOCABULARY – The Airplane

Look at these images and learn the vocabulary: 


Now take the TEST (6 questions)


Question: What is crucial to growing your business?

2. He ..................... smoke, it is bad for the health. 

What is this?


...................... I'd invest the majority of the budget in marketing.


Question: What is one of Branson's favourite quotes?


What is this?


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