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Tripadvisor – intermediate 2

GRAMMAR: The Past Continuous

Past Continuous Tense
This tense is formed using the verb: to be (in the past tense), and the -ing form of a verb 
I was writing – I wasn’t listening – Were you working late?

When to use the Past Continuous 
When one action begins (past continuous) before another action (past simple), in the past
I was writing the review when Simon arrived. (I started writing at 8 a.m., and Simon arrived at 8.30 a.m.)


Check Out – this means to try or test something (informal).
Let’s check out the new pizza restaurant. It has great reviews.

Keep in Check this means to control spending or behaviour.
We need to keep construction costs in check or we will run out of money.

Background Check – this means to review a person or company’s history.
Before we offer Jackie the job we need to do a background check.


Look at these images and learn the vocabulary: 


Now take the TEST (6 questions)


What is this?

2. I ................... breakfast when the fire alarm started.

What is this?

5. I recommend you ................. the view from the terrace. It's great.

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