The Body Shop: intermediate – Student

GRAMMAR: Should / Ought to

Should and Ought to – used to recommend an action or say something is a good idea. 
We shouldn’t create pollution.
She ought to use less plastic. 


Gamble = to take a risk.
Anita gambled that The Body Shop would be a big success.

Spread the word = communicate information to a wide audience.
She spread the word about The Body Shop through the newspapers.

Eager = to be enthusiastic.
Anita was very eager to start trading as soon as possible.

VOCABULARY – The Body Shop

Look at the image and identify this vocabulary: shelves, racks,  drawers, basket, box

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1. We ................ buy more natural products and less chemicals.

Film question: What is the first thing to concentrate on to be successful?


What are these?


I took a ................... and invested all my money in the business.


What is this?


We need to ............. about the new chocolate shampoo.

8. What do you think of this lesson?