Spotify: elementary – Student

GRAMMAR: Present Simple Tense

The Present Simple is used for these types of action:

Facts – Things that never change.
Spotify is from Sweden.

States – Long-term situations.
We work for Spotify.

Habits – Regular actions.
He listens to music every day.


Loud / Quiet – this describes the volume of the sound.
The nightclub is loud. The library is quiet.

Turn up / Turn down this means to change the volume of the sound
Please turn the volume up, I can’t hear it. The music is very loud, turn it down.

Skip – this means to move on to the next track.
Let’s skip this song, I don’t like it.


Look at these images and learn the vocabulary: 


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What is this?

3. Spotify .......... a Swedish company.

What is this?

6. Spotify ........... over 60 million music tracks.
7. What do you think of this lesson?