Red Bull: elementary – Student

GRAMMAR: Past Simple – Verb to Go

Used for past action that is finished

I went – positive action in the simple past.
Last week he went to the Red Bull factory.

You didn’t go – negative action in the simple past. 
We didn’t go to Austria last year.

Did he go? – question in the simple past. 
Where did she go yesterday?


Quit – to stop doing something.
Last year I quit smoking. 

Jet Lag – to be affected by the time difference when flying.
When we went to Thailand I had terrible jet lag.

Risk – to do something that is not certain of success.
I invested all my money and it was a big risk.


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2. Where ................... Trevor .......... last week? 

What are they?


He .................. his job to start the company.


What is this?

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