Nike a/7

Nike – advanced 7

GRAMMAR: Preposition + Verb +ing

While listening to the presentation Phil Knight sent some emails.
After spending $100 million on sponsorship Nike wanted value for money.
Before changing jobs Susan asked for some advice.
On hearing the news Frank asked for a pay rise.

EXPRESSIONS – Mergers & Acquisitions

Look at the expressions and learn them:
Merger = the joining of two companies to make one.
Buyout = to purchase a controlling share in a company.
Acquisition = when one company takes control of another company.
Hostile takeover = unwanted and resisted acquisition.

VOCABULARY – Sports Equipment

Look at these images and learn the vocabulary: 


Now take the TEST (7 questions)

1. Nike and Adidas discussed a possible ................ in 2020.

What is this?


................... 4 days discussing the details we came to a deal.


Film question: What was the biggest boost to Nike's publicity and sales?


What is this?


The company had to fight off a ....................... bid in 2020.


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