Our mission is to:

  • Inspire students and tutors through the study of our Business English modules.
  • Educate by creating study materials that are interesting, exciting and different.
  • Encourage self-determination and entrepreneurial activity.
  • Empower students by providing the tools to learn beyond the classroom.
  • Develop a network of global contacts in all industries and sectors.
  • Connect students with relevant contacts from our global network.


Micro-Franchise – an overview

What is a Micro-Franchise?

A micro-franchise is a business model designed specifically to assist start-up entrepreneurs to become more successful and reach economic self-reliance.

Business English Study offers a profitable business system and training to support the micro-franchisee.

The training embraces our vision and brand values, and includes: micro-franchise set-up, delivery of services, study materials, teacher training, marketing and sales techniques, client support, strategising and business development.

With a micro-franchise, local knowledge is extremely important. There are many key ecosystem elements to the success of a business model, so transporting a model from one place to another requires standardisation plus the adaptation to local needs. 

  1. What we provide for you

  • An opportunity to be your own boss
    • We support your entrepreneurial ambitions with our solid structure and over 20 years’ business experience. Low cost and low risk.
    • The enterprise can be as big or as small as you choose. We do not impose performance or sales targets. We give support and encouragement.
  • Be part of a globally recognised brand
    • Business English Study has a wide and varied list of global clients, including (but is not limited to): Hitachi, Apple, Coca-Cola, Disney, Buckingham Palace, Ritz Hotel, Gucci, Christie’s, Chelsea FC, UBS.
  • Use of our unique and exclusive study materials
    • Access to over 200 lesson modules across 3 levels: advanced, intermediate, and elementary. Also, we are developing client-focused on-line lessons.
  • A personal website – BusinessEnglishStudy(your city).com
    • We design, build, and maintain a dedicated Business English Study website for you, in your city, your language and with your contact details.
  • Training and personal development
    • Business set-up and organisation, company systems, and teacher training.
  • Support with marketing and sales
    • Client leads and local referrals.
    • Business connections and contacts in your city.

  1. What we expect from you

  • To honour and embrace Business English Study’s mission i.e. inspire students and tutors through the study of our original Business English lessons.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial activity. 
  • To be the boss of your own company (with our support).

  1. Length of contract

    • Business English Study micro-franchise contract duration – 3 years (renewable)

  1. Fees

  • Business English Study micro-franchise fees are £30 per calendar month. No deposit. No set-up charges. No hidden costs. We see the monthly fee as an investment in you, your business and your future.