LinkedIn – i/6

LinkedIn – intermediate 6

GRAMMAR: Future Tenses 

The Future Simple: will / won’t – this is used for facts, assurance, quick decisions
Based on forecasts sales will grow by 25% this year. 

Going To: I’m going to / I’m not going to – this is used for intentions and plans
We are going to visit the factory in Madrid tomorrow.



To Celebrate = to acknowledge a happy event: You got a new job? Let’s celebrate.
Insightful = to show deep understanding: Your comments were really insightful.
Curious = want to know or learn something: He was curious about the new project. 

VOCABULARY – LinkedIn Response Icons

Look at these images and learn the vocabulary: 


Now take the TEST (7 questions)

1. .......................... after the meeting? Do you have a plan?

What does this response mean?


It is clear from the evidence that we ................ do better next year.


What does this response mean?


I definitely ............... going to China in June. I'm too busy.


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