Jay-Z: advanced – Student

Jay-Z – advanced 11

EXPRESSIONS – The Entrepreneur

Learn these expressions:

Comfort zone = safe and easy situation.
Why not test yourself and step outside your comfort zone?

Square peg in a round hole = a person is a bad fit for the position.
In the marketing team he was a square peg in a round hole.

Gut feeling = you feel it intuitively. 
I had a gut feeling that his business would be a success.


GRAMMAR: The Causative (to have something done)

This expresses the idea that somebody does the action for you.

I had my haircut yesterday = a hairdresser cut my hair.

We’re having a software upgraded = an engineer is upgrading our software.

Let’s have the car serviced before the trip = a mechanic will service the car.


VOCABULARY – The Causative

Study these images and learn the grammar: 

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1. At Sony I felt like .............. and only lasted 6 months.


What is happening here?


We need to ............................. and try something different.


What is happening here?


He had a .................... about the music and didn't give up.