Fred Perry: advanced – Student

GRAMMAR: Phrasal Verbs – Clothing

Phrasal Verbs have a different meaning from the verb e.g.

To take off = to remove items of clothes.
Take off your coat and sit down.

To kick off = to remove your shoes quickly.
Kick off your shoes and relax.

To put on = to dress in items of clothes.
Put on your coat, it’s cold out.

To do up = to fasten an item of clothing securely.
Do up shirt, the buttons are undone.

To go with = when items of clothing look good together.
Your tie really goes with your shirt.



Look at the picture and learn the vocabulary:

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1. Do you think this jacket ................... these pants?

What are these?


I need to .......... a shirt and tie. I have a meeting.


What are these?


I need to ............ my dress at the back but can't reach.

8. What do you think of this lesson?