English for Energy


The main objectives of the course are:

  • To expand students’ proficiency in Energy & General English
  • To reinforce English skills related directly to the Energy Sector
  • Levels A1 to C2 (Common European Framework for Languages)


Method of Delivery

This course involves 30 contact hours of bespoke lessons focussing on your role, responsibilities and language learning needs. After completion students are awarded a Business English Study certificate – speciality subject: Energy Industry.

Business Networking (introductions, presentations, contact opportunities)
International Association of Oil and Gas Producers for presentation and networking events, Lloyds of London, IPIECA, plus a relevant high profile company connected to the Energy sector.

Business English Study over 20 years’ experience delivering bespoke courses in English for the Energy Industry. Clients include: Sonatrach, Shell, BP, Ecotricity

We give all of our clients a first class service and excellent value for money.
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