Donald Trump a/5

Donald Trump – advanced 5

GRAMMAR: Passive Voice

The Passive Voice is often used in business because it makes the situation less personal and more formal, and distances the agent from the action: 
I will pay the invoice today (active). The invoice will be paid today (passive).

It is also used when an action is more important than the agent e.g. when reporting the news:
The demand for hotel rooms has dropped by 20%.

EXPRESSIONS – Negotiating

Look at the expressions and learn them:
Expressing doubt – I’m not sure about that. What worries me is …
Reassuring – that’s true but … Look at it another way …
Avoiding the answer – I will have to confirm that. Can I get back to you on that?
Agreeing to act – With a 10% reduction can we shake on it? You drive a hard bargain, but ok.

VOCABULARY – Construction Site

Look at this image and identify the vocabulary: crane / scaffolding / digger / foundations 


Now take the TEST (6 questions)

2. The contract ........................... so it is definitely going ahead. 

What is this?


If we agree to a 25% reduction can we ....................


What is this?


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