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  • Masato Hayashi – Yokohama – Japan – I tried the free lessons and loved them. Now I select the lesson topics that fit best with my students.
  • Elvina Saitova – New York – USA – Great job. Thank you.
  • Eriselda Balliu – Vlora – Albania – I have been using them for many years and I think they are awesome.
  • Dina – Dolgoprudny – Russia – The lessons work really well for my students. Interesting and inspirational.
  • Jaime Rodriguez – Caracas – Venezuela – The lessons are really useful. Thank you.
  • Katarzyna Lasek – Wrocław – Poland – They are awesome!
  • Miljaim Kariman – Warsaw – Poland – Your materials are very useful, my students love them. They learn new vocabulary, are involved in discussions, and share their ideas and opinion on the material.
  • Marilina Iturria – Buenos Aires – Argentina – The lessons are great, fantastic! My students like them a lot!
  • Ernest Goulet – Londrina – Brazil – Your material are very interesting for my professional English students here in Brazil.
  • Natalia – Minsk – Belorussia – The materials are really useful for teaching Business English. Thanks a lot for sharing them!
  • Aida Cedano Alvarado – Culiacan – Mexico – The lessons are very well focused on how to use English in real conversations. It is a unique opportunity to learn more in how to use English in business.