Coca-Cola e/5

Coca-Cola – elementary 5

GRAMMAR: ‘Wh’ Questions

We use ‘Wh’ questions when we want specific information e.g.

What – used for asking about things.
What is in the bottle? Coca-Cola is in the bottle.

Why – used for asking about reason.
Why are you here? I am here for the presentation.

When – used for asking about time.
When is the meeting? The meeting is at 2pm.

Who – used for asking about people.
Who is the boss of Coca-Cola? It is James Quincey.

Where – used for asking about location.
Where is the Coca-Cola head office? In Atlanta USA.


Look at the words and learn them:

Waste = use something with no benefit. 
This is a waste of time.

Worth = the value of something in money. 
The Coca-Cola company is worth $207 billion.

Spend = to spend money on something.
We spend $25 a day on transport.


Look at these images and learn the vocabulary: 


Now take the TEST (6 questions)


Question: How many people recognise the Coca-Cola name?

2. ..................... are you from? I am from Madrid. 

What is this?


The car is very old. It is not ............... the sale price.


What is this?


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