Brewdog: intermediate – Student

GRAMMAR: Being / Been / Gone

Being – the continuous form of the verb ‘to be’. Used to describe an active state with certain adjectives e.g. secretive, mean, noisy, messy, clever, funny, polite 
I am being polite. The child is being noisy.

Been – if someone has been to a place, then he/she has visited it and returned:
Where have you been? I’ve been to the factory.

Gone – used when someone is still at a place or on the way there:
She has gone to the office. 

Gone – can also mean that something is no longer available:
All the money has gone.


Giving an opinion

  • I definitely think this is the best (100% certain)
  • In my opinion this is delicious (75% certain)
  • I reckon this could be a winner (50% certain)
  • This might sell well (25% certain)
  • I’m going to guess and say this one (10% certain)


Now take the TEST
and submit to receive your result certificate

1. What's the matter with Tom? He is .......... very secretive.  

................. like the yellow tie. It is my favourite colour.


She's ........ in Paris all week and the opportunity has ........ 


............ first one tastes of apples.


I'm not .......... funny, but I've never .......... to London.

8. What do you think of this lesson?