Bratz vs Barbie: intermediate – Student

GRAMMAR: Prepositions of Time

During Since – For – Until – Ago

During = between two points in time:
I spoke to Tom during the meeting.

Since = from a point in the past to now:
I have worked at MGA since 2016.

For = a duration of time:
We listened to the presentation for 3 hours.

Until (till) = up to this point in time:
Stay here until the boss arrives.

Ago = before now and used with a time amount:
She left the office an hour ago.

EXPRESSIONS – Negotiating

Learn these expressions:
Fingers crossed = hope something will happen.
Cost an arm and a leg = very expensive.
Lips sealed = say nothing.
Gut feeling = decision based on intuition.
Sleep on it = consider something and decide later.
A done deal = agreement can not be changed.

Now take the TEST
and submit to receive your result certificate

1. They have been negotiating ...................... half past ten.

What expression is best for this?


We discussed the details of the deal ................. hours.


What expression is best for this?


...................... the meeting my boss got very excited.

8. What do you think of this lesson?