3 Advanced: Tutors

ADIDAS vs PUMA: competing – free lesson
  • Grammar: Modal verbs – Past
  • Pronunciation: /a/
  • Functional Vocabulary: Time Expressions
  • Listening: Adidas and Puma Compete
  • Cultural Awareness Point: Clothes at Work
  • Business Vocabulary: Explain the Meaning
  • Reading: Adidas and Puma
  • Idioms: Colours
  • Role Play: Compete or Co-operate?
AIRBNB: negotiating skills – free lesson
  • Listening: Airbnb – The Big Idea
  • Grammar: Verb + preposition (phrasal verb)
  • Business Vocabulary: Financial terms
  • Pronunciation: Sound changes – gonna / wanna
  • Functional Language: Negotiating
  • Cultural Awareness: Risk Taking
  • Reading: Airbnb
  • Role Play: Negotiate the Deal
AMAZON: how to present your ideas – free lesson
  • Vocabulary: Linking and Signalling Words
  • Pronunciation: /a/
  • Functional Vocabulary: Classic Presentation Style
  • Listening: Jeff Bezos Presents Amazon’s philosophy
  • Cultural Awareness point: Interrupting
  • Reading: Amazon’s Presentation Techniques
  • Grammar: Phrasal Verbs and Expressions
  • Role Play: Present Yourself or Your Company
APPLE: think different – free lesson
  • Business Vocabulary: Key phrases
  • Functional Vocabulary: Expressions for Rise and Fall
  • Listening Exercises: Apple – how to Think Different
  • Grammar: Raise, Rise, Arise
  • Cultural Awareness Point: Self-promotion and Modesty
  • Pronunciation Point: /i/ – iPod, Italy, idea, interest
  • Reading: The highs and lows of Apple
  • Role-Play: The halo effect – executives meet to discuss
ASTON MARTIN: luxury transport – free lesson
  • Listening: Aston Martin company history
  • Pronunciation: car / cat / care
  • Grammar: Verb + preposition (phrasal verb)
  • Business Vocabulary: Financial terms
  • Functional Language: Negotiating
  • Cultural Awareness: The company car
  • Reading: Ford steps in to save Aston Martin
  • Role Play: Negotiate the deal
AUGMENTED REALITY: new marketing – free lesson
  • Listening: Augmented Reality
  • Pronunciation: Selected Vowel Sounds
  • Grammar: Whether / If
  • Business Vocabulary: Selected Expressions
  • Spelling: British and American Words
  • Cultural Awareness Point: Face
  • Functional Language: Apologising and Giving Assurances
  • Reading: What doesn’t work in Modern Marketing?
  • Role Play: Create an Augmented Reality campaign
B&O: listening techniques – lesson
  • Listening: Bang & Olufsen company history
  • Pronunciation: Shifting Stress patterns
  • Cultural Awareness: Business Practices in Denmark
  • Grammar: The Subjunctive
  • Reading: Company History
  • Functional Skills: Improve your Listening Skills
  • Business Vocabulary: Idiomatic expressions
  • Role Play: Focus of the Company
BANCO SANTANDER: assessing risk  free lesson
  • Grammar: May or Might
  • Pronunciation: V/B/W
  • Cultural Awareness Point: Foreign Ownership
  • Functional Vocabulary: Obligations & Permission
  • Listening: Banco Santander Group
  • Business Vocabulary: SWOT analysis
  • Reading: Banco Santander Performance
  • Role Play: Compose a SWOT analysis
BEN & JERRY’S: sweet business – free lesson
  • Grammar: Few, A Few; Little, A Little
  • Pronunciation: Consonants – Q, Y, J, G, H
  • Functional Vocabulary: So That / In Order To / So As To
  • Listening: Ben & Jerry’s
  • Business Idioms: ‘it’ as the subject
  • Business Vocabulary: Opposites
  • Reading: How Ben & Jerry’s Build Brand Loyalty
  • Role Play: Decide on a New Flavour
  • Taste Test: What’s the difference
 BENETTON: all publicity is good – free lesson
  • Grammar: Whatever, Whoever, Whichever, However …
  • Functional Vocabulary: Toning down information
  • Business Expressions: idioms / collocations
  • Pronunciation: ‘th’ ‘f’ & ‘s’
  • Listening: Benetton’s strategy
  • Reading: The Philosophy of Benetton’s Adverts
  • Role Play: Advertise the product
BIC / MONTBLANC: what’s the difference? – free lesson
  • Grammar: Verb + -ing
  • Functional Skills: Create a Word Bank
  • Writing Skills 1: Write better emails
  • Pronunciation: /V/ /B/ /W/
  • Listening: Company history
  • Reading: Bic / Montblanc strategy
  • Business Vocabulary: Confusing words
  • Writing Skills 2: Recognising Redundant Words
  • Role Play: Present a Product or Service
BILL GATES: presentation skills – free lesson
  • Functional Vocabulary: Linking and Signalling Words
  • Grammar: Definite Article – the
  • Pronunciation: /th/
  • Role-Play: Present Your Ideas
  • Listening: Bill Gates: Microsoft and Beyond
  • Cultural Awareness point: Interrupting
  • Reading: Bill Gates
  • Vocabulary: Business Expressions
  • Role Play: The Meeting to Discuss Microsoft
BITCOIN: new finance – free lesson
  • Grammar: Comparisons using: sufficiently, too, enough
  • Pronunciation: N – NG – GN – KN
  • Functional Vocabulary: Adjective + Nouns
  • Listening: Bitcoin
  • Reading: Bitcoin History & Future
  • Cultural Awareness: Cryptocurrencies
  • Business Vocabulary: Selected Phrasal Verbs
  • Role Play: Economics Quiz
BLACKBERRY: innovate or die – free lesson
  • Grammar: May or Might
  • Pronunciation: V/B/W
  • Cultural Awareness Point: Inappropriate Emails
  • Functional Vocabulary: Obligations and requirement
  • Listening: Blackberry
  • Business Vocabulary: SWOT analysis
  • Reading: Patent dispute
  • Role Play: Compose a SWOT analysis
BOTOX: the beauty business – free lesson
  • Grammar: Inversions
  • Pronunciation: Now or Know
  • Functional Vocabulary: Health
  • Listening: Botox is used for …
  • Idioms: Medical health
  • Reading: Botox – Advantages / Disadvantages
  • Cultural Awareness: Growing old gracefully
  • Role Play: Botox Clinics expansion plan
CHRISTIE’S: the art business – free lesson
  • Pronunciation: /ch/
  • Grammar: if…not and unless / if and whether
  • Speaking Practice: Art – what gives it value
  • Listening Point: Christie’s and Art Auctions
  • Functional Vocabulary: Giving Opinions
  • Role-play: Debate the Value of Art
  • Writing task homework: Give Your Opinion
COCAINE: the business model – free lesson
  • Listening Exercises: Cocaine: high-profit business
  • Grammar: Articles – definite and indefinite
  • Cultural Awareness Point: Survival
  • Business Vocabulary: Idioms & Acronyms
  • Pronunciation: ‘A’
  • Reading: The Cocaine Business Model
  • Slang Words: Cocaine related
  • Role Play: Set the Penalties for Smuggling
  • Writing Practice: Make Sentences from Notes
DELL: customer service – free lesson
  • Listening: Dell – Origins & Philosophy
  • Pronunciation: L / R
  • Business Vocabulary: Selected Expressions
  • Reading: Dell’s problems
  • Grammar: Quantifiers with or without ‘OF’
  • Functional Language: Customer Service Complaints
  • Cultural Awareness: Complaining
  • Role Play: Customer Service Improvement
DONALD TRUMP: how to win big – free lesson
  • Cultural Awareness: Diplomacy
  • Pronunciation Practice: /L/ and /R/
  • Grammar: The Passive Voice
  • Reading Text: The Trump Organisation
  • Listening Exercise: Trump’s Business Tips
  • Business Vocabulary: Negotiating Skills
  • Role Play: Negotiate the use of Cheap Foreign Labour
DYSON: innovation and style
  • Business Vocabulary: Success
  • Listening: How James Dyson did it
  • Cultural awareness: Vagueness
  • Grammar: Gerund or Infinitive as object of verb
  • Pronunciation: The letter ‘i’
  • Reading: James Dyson and competition
  • Functional words: Words using the prefix ‘self-’
  • Role-play: Protect Your Ideas
EASYJET: colour branding
  • Grammar: Inversions for emphasis
  • Functional Vocabulary: Comparing ideas
  • Business Expressions: Use of the word ‘odd’
  • Pronunciation: The odd one out
  • Listening: The Easy Brand
  • Reading: Stelios tells us how he did it
  • Role Play: What to do next
EBAY: creating entrepreneurs
  • Grammar: Selected Phrasal Verbs
  • Pronunciation: /e/ sound
  • Cultural Awareness: Trust
  • Business Expressions: Negotiating Positions
  • Functional Vocabulary: Classifying Information
  • Listening: eBay and its founder Pierre Omidyar
  • Reading: eBay’s Origins
  • Role Play: Direction of eBay
ESTEE LAUDER: how to improve sales
  • Listening: Estée Lauder company history
  • Pronunciation: /o/ and /ɔ/    
  • Grammar: All, Whole, Both + Phrasal Verbs
  • Business Expressions: Selected Idioms
  • Cultural Awareness Point: Cosmetics for Men
  • Functional Language: Sales Techniques
  • Reading: Business Strategy of Estée Lauder
  • Role Play: How to Close the Sale
FENDER / GIBSON: a sound business
  • Grammar: Present Perfect and Verbs + Prepositions
  • Pronunciation: ‘G
  • Functional Vocabulary: Diversification
  • Listening: The Guitar Business
  • Colloquial Words: Rock / Sound
  • Reading: Fender and Gibson – company history
  • Business Idioms: Selected
  • Role Play: Branch out or stick to what you know
FOSTER & PARTNERS: build a business
  • Grammar: Review of the Future
  • Business Expressions: Phrasal Verbs
  • Functional Vocabulary: Permission and Prohibition
  • Pronunciation: Vowel Sounds and Numbers
  • Listening: Norman Foster and Numbers
  • Reading: Foster’s Philosophy and Millau Viaduct
  • Business Expressions: Word Formation
  • Role Play: Design a new building for Twin Towers’ site
FRED PERRY: cool clothing
  • Grammar: Mixed Conditionals
  • Pronunciation: Word Stress Patterns
  • Functional Vocabulary: Clothing Terms
  • Listening: Fred Perry is cool because …
  • Swear Words: Shit
  • Reading: Fred Perry – company history
  • Business Expressions: Phrasal Verbs of clothing
  • Role Play: Design a garment
GAZPROM: the global power business
  • Grammar Point: Raise, Rise, Arise
  • Practical Skills: Persuasion
  • Business Synonyms: Market Performance
  • Listening Exercises: Gazprom – business plans
  • Cultural Awareness Point: Shale Gas issues
  • Pronunciation Point: Minimal Pairs
  • Reading: Problems facing Gazprom
  • Role-Play: Gas contracts – meeting to discuss future
GOOGLE: do no evil
  • Grammar: Make or Do – business idioms
  • Functional Vocabulary: Requesting Information
  • Listening Exercises: The business philosophy
  • Reading: Google’s origin and growth
  • Pronunciation Practice: /oo/ sound
  • Business Phrases: Idioms
  • Cultural Awareness Point: Inappropriate websites
  • Role Play: Which way forward for Google?
GUCCI: how to save the company
  • Listening: Buying into the Brand
  • Pronunciation: /ch/
  • Business Vocabulary: Selected Expressions
  • Reading: Gucci’s saviour
  • Grammar: Comparison with Adjectives: Sufficiently, Too
  • Spoken word: Misused words in English
  • Functional Language: Apologising
  • Cultural Awareness: Business Dress Etiquette
  • Role Play: New Markets for Exclusivity
IKEA: customer support
  • Listening Exercises: IKEA founder, Ingvar Kamprad
  • Grammar: Articles – definite and indefinite
  • Cultural Awareness Point: Shopping habits
  • Vocabulary: Slogans in Business
  • Pronunciation: /a/
  • Reading: IKEA – the flat pack phenomenon
  • Synonyms: Business related
  • Role Play: The meeting – Mini IKEA
  • Writing Practice: Make formal sentences
JACK WELCH: winners and losers
  • Listening: Jack Welch – Leadership
  • Pronunciation: /W/& /V/
  • Business Vocabulary: Word Association
  • Reading: Jack Welch – Winners & Retirement
  • Grammar: Likes & Preferences – would rather, rather than
  • Functional Language: Opposites
  • Cultural Awareness: Manners
  • Role Play: Appraise an employee
 JAY-Z: the charisma business
  • Listening: Jay-Z the Entrepreneur
  • Selected Phrasal Verbs: Entrepreneur
  • Pronunciation: /j/ /g/ /z/
  • Cultural Awareness: Personal Space
  • Grammar: Causative Verbs
  • Reading: Jay-Z and Charisma
  • Business Vocabulary: Financial Expressions
  • Role Play: Check for Charisma
JOHNNIE WALKER: how to innovate
  • Grammar 1: Prepositions & Modal verbs
  • Writing Exercises: Comma / Common Errors
  • Acronyms:g. or i.e.
  • Listening Exercises: History of Johnnie Walker
  • Cultural Awareness Point: Hangovers
  • Pronunciation: /W/ & /J/
  • Colloquial words: Beginning with ‘W’
  • Reading: Johnnie Walker
  • Role Play: How to innovate in the 21st Century
JOSE MOURINHO: the special one
  • Grammar: Hopes and Fears
  • Functional Vocabulary: Giving Instructions
  • Listening: Mourinho, is he last year’s man?
  • Reading: Managing expectations
  • Role Play: Negotiate a deal
JURGEN KLOPP: new management style
  • Grammar: Wish and Regret
  • Functional Vocabulary: Asking for and Giving Opinions
  • Listening: Jurgen Klopp’s Success & Management Style
  • Reading: Managing a Team
  • Role Play: Klopp talks to the Chairman
KALASHNIKOV: when business is bad
  • Listening: Izhmash – makers of Kalashnikov
  • Pronunciation: Silent or sounded: /b/ and /p/
  • Cultural Awareness: Guns in America
  • Grammar: Used to / get used to / be used to
  • Reading: Why business is bad for Izhmash
  • Specialist Business Language: Bankruptcy
  • Business Vocabulary: Same or Different meanings
  • Role Play: What to do with a failing company
KODAK: business mistakes
  • Grammar: Subjunctive
  • Pronunciation: Word Stress
  • Functional Vocabulary: Remind / Remember
  • Listening: Kodak’s Mistake
  • Business Related Expressions: Various
  • Cultural Awareness Point: The Photograph
  • Functional Vocabulary: Discussion Techniques – Hedging
  • Reading: Kodak
  • Role Play: New Markets
LANCE ARMSTRONG: ruined reputation
  • Grammar: Advanced Future
  • Pronunciation: Saying Numbers
  • Functional Vocabulary: Risk & Danger
  • Listening: Lance Armstrong loses everything
  • Cultural Awareness Point: Winning at any Price
  • Reading: Whistle-blowers
  • Business Expressions: Idioms
  • Role Play: Blow the Whistle
LEICA: focus on the business
  • Business Vocabulary: Terms of survival
  • Listening: Leica’s company history
  • Grammar: Reporting with passive verbs
  • Pronunciation: /f/ or /th/
  • Business idioms: make or do
  • False friends: Choose the correct synonym
  • Functional Language: How to give opinions
  • Cultural Awareness: Germans in business meetings
  • Reading: Leica has plans for the future
  • Role Play: Opinions on a business proposal
LOGOS: hidden meanings – download free lesson
  • Listening: Messages in the Logo
  • Selected Phrases: Expressing your ideas
  • Functional Vocabulary: Linking Words
  • Pronunciation: Vowel sounds
  • Grammar: Conditional Clauses – whether / if
  • Reading: 2024 Olympic Logo
  • Role Play: Redesign the logo
LONELY PLANET: business travel
  • Grammar: Prepositions of Place – at, in, on
  • Pronunciation: Spot the Homophones
  • Functional Words: Travel Vocabulary and Idioms
  • Listening: The Lonely Planet Story
  • Functional Vocabulary: Adding Information
  • Business Vocabulary: Phrasal Verbs of Emotion
  • Cultural awareness point: Business Class travel
  • Reading: Lonely Planet Limitations
  • Role Play: A market for Lonely Planet
 MANOLO BLAHNIK: selling quality
  • Grammar: Verbs of Sense
  • Functional Vocabulary: Equating & Including Ideas
  • Business Expressions: Likely To or Bound To
  • Pronunciation: Selection of Diphthongs
  • Listening: Manolo Blahnik’s Philosophy
  • Reading: The Origins of the Style
  • Role Play: Future Probability
McDONALD’S: how to build a global business
  • Listening: McDonald’s – Origins & Business Model
  • Pronunciation: Contractions
  • Business Vocabulary: Phrasal verbs – recession
  • Reading: McDonald’s Reputation and Success
  • Grammar: Clauses of Purpose – so as, in order that
  • Functional Language: Verb + Preposition
  • Cultural Awareness: Business Lunch Etiquette
  • Role Play: Developing a Franchise Model
  • Grammar: Verb + -ing
  • Business Expressions: Phrasal Verbs
  • Functional Vocabulary: Ensure, Assure, Insure
  • Pronunciation: Intonation and Stress
  • Listening: Where is the profit in Free Newspapers?
  • Reading: Metro International
  • Business Expressions: Newspaper Vocabulary
  • Role Play: Start a Free Newspaper
 MODERN ARCHITECTURE: build a future
  • Grammar: Review of the Future Perfect
  • Business Expressions: Phrasal Verbs
  • Functional Vocabulary: Expressing Opinions
  • Pronunciation: Vowel Sounds and Numbers
  • Listening: The Shard & The Cloud House (accents)
  • Reading: Foster’s Philosophy and Millau Viaduct
  • Business Expressions: Word Formation
  • Role Play: Design a New Building
NIKE: just do it globally
  • Listening: Nike’s company history and marketing strategy
  • Pronunciation: /i/
  • Business Vocabulary: Acquisitions, Mergers, Partnerships
  • Reading: ‘Just Do It’
  • Grammar: Preposition + -ing
  • Functional Language: Expressing likelihood
  • Cultural Awareness: Act or wait
  • Role Play: Sponsor the Olympic Games
NINTENDO: innovate every day
  • Grammar: Past Perfect
  • Pronunciation: N – NG – GN – KN
  • Functional Vocabulary: Adjective + Nouns
  • Listening: Nintendo’s Birth – Nintendo Wii
  • Reading: Nintendo Wii – The Product
  • Cultural Awareness: Company Names
  • Business Vocabulary: Selected Phrasal Verbs
  • Role Play: Innovate
NOKIA: listen to the customer
  • Grammar: Selected Phrasal Verbs
  • Pronunciation: The letter ‘O’
  • Business Skills: Effective Listening Skills
  • Functional Vocabulary: Confusing Words
  • Listening: Nokia – Company History and Future
  • Text Message Speak: What the numbers mean
  • Reading: Nokia’s problems
  • Role Play: How to listen to your customers
 PAYPAL: the global power business
  • Grammar: Viewpoint / Commenting / Focus Adverbs
  • Fluency Skills: How to Spot Business Trends
  • Functional Vocabulary: Linking Expressions
  • Pronunciation: Pay vs. Pal
  • Listening: PayPal Future Plans
  • Reading: Company History
  • Business Vocabulary: Expressions and Idioms
  • Cultural Awareness: Biometrics
  • Role Play: Wearable Technology – what to wear
PORSCHE: the price of style
  • Grammar: Countable and Uncountable Nouns
  • Functional Vocabulary: Scale of Likelihood
  • Listening Exercises: Porsche’s Iconic Model
  • Cultural Awareness Point: Speeding
  • Pronunciation: Vowel sounds /ai/ or /ei/
  • Selected Vocabulary: Car Parts
  • Reading: Porsche’s Boss
  • Role Play: Meeting to Discuss a New Model / Market
RED BULL: innovative marketing
  • Reading: Red Bull – the history
  • Grammar: Dependent prepositions in business
  • Listening Exercises: Red Bull – company origins
  • Taste Test: Sugar Free or Regular?
  • Idioms: Drink related
  • Functional Language: Making Suggestions
  • Pronunciation: /l/ or /r/
  • Cultural Awareness Point: The British drink tea
  • Role Play: The meeting – a new product
RUPERT MURDOCH: ruthless business
  • Listening: Rupert Murdoch’s business lessons
  • Pronunciation: /u:/
  • Business Vocabulary: Acquisitions & Mergers
  • Reading: The Wall Street Journal
  • Grammar: Preposition + -ing
  • Functional Language: Expressing likelihood
  • Role Play: Violation of Privacy
RYANAIR: dealing with complaints – download free lesson
  • Grammar 1: Countable and uncountable nouns & Wish and Regret
  • Functional Vocabulary: Make a Complaint
  • Selected Phrasal Verbs: Cut
  • Listening Exercises: Ryanair – Customer Service
  • Cultural Awareness Point: The Queue
  • Pronunciation: Vowel sounds /ai/ or /ei/
  • Reading: Low-cost success for Ryanair
  • Role Play: Meeting to discuss expansion policy
SONY: listening skills
  • Grammar: Gone, Been, Being
  • Functional Vocabulary: Repetition and Verification
  • Pronunciation: L / R
  • Listening: The Company’s history
  • Reading: Listening skills in Business / Sony PSP
  • Business Vocabulary: Phrasal verbs
  • Role Play: Listen to information and ask for verification
STARBUCKS: everything matters, always
  • Grammar: Prepositional phrases
  • Functional Vocabulary: Agreeing & disagreeing
  • Vocabulary: Wake up and smell the coffee
  • Colloquial Language: Selected idioms
  • Listening: The market advantage of Starbucks
  • Reading: Starbucks History
  • Cultural Awareness: British style of disagreement
  • Pronunciation: Hard and soft ‘C’ and ‘G’
  • Vulgar Language: Shit
  • Role Play: Create a new coffee concept for Italy
  • Listening: Use of CCTV in the UK
  • Pronunciation: Selected Diphthongs
  • Business Vocabulary: Selected idioms and expressions
  • Speaking Practice: Morality in Business
  • Reading: Hikvision and Canon
  • Grammar: Preposition + -ing
  • Functional Language: Expressing likelihood
  • Role Play: Violation of Privacy
SWATCH: business timing
  • Grammar: Future Perfect Continuous or Future Continuous
  • Pronunciation: /sh/ and /sw/
  • Functional Vocabulary: Being Assertive
  • Listening: Swatch – why manufacturing is important
  • Business Vocabulary: Time Expressions
  • Reading: Swatch and Timing
  • British Colloquial Language: Expressions
  • Role Play: How can Swatch improve their watches?
TESLA: the future of transport
  • Vocabulary: Linking and Signalling Words
  • Pronunciation: /t/
  • Functional Vocabulary: Classic Presentation Style
  • Listening: Tesla’s vision
  • Cultural Awareness point: Audience
  • Reading: Tesla Presentation Techniques
  • Grammar: Phrasal Verbs and Expressions
  • Role Play: Present Yourself or Your Company
 THE ART OF WAR: deal-making
  • Reading: The Art of War and Sales Techniques
  • Grammar: Review of the Past Simple / Continuous / Perfect
  • Pronunciation: Word Stress Points
  • Functional Vocabulary: Negotiating Skills
  • Listening: The Art of War and Sales Training
  • Business Vocabulary: Phrasal verbs
  • Vocabulary: Real Estate Euphemisms
  • Role-Play: Negotiate a Deal
THE BEATLES: the long tail
  • Grammar: Dependent Prepositions & Conjunctions
  • Pronunciation: /e/
  • Functional Vocabulary: Business Expressions
  • Listening: The Long Tail …
  • Phrasal Verbs: Set, Bring, Keep
  • Reading: The Beatles – still earning revenue
  • Cultural Awareness: Why is music important?
  • Role Play: Try to stop Copyright Infringement
THE BODY SHOP: women in business
  • Grammar: Should versus would
  • Functional Vocabulary: Growth metaphors in business
  • Listening Exercises: The Body Shop – origins & future
  • Cultural Awareness Point: Women at work
  • Pronunciation: /p/ and /b/
  • Reading: Female entrepreneur – Anita Roddick
  • Role Play: A memorial for the founder
THE PHONE HOUSE: listen to customers
  • Grammar: For – Since – While – During – Ago – As
  • Functional Vocabulary: Repeat, Confirm & Clarify
  • Pronunciation: Selection of Monophthongs
  • Listening: The Company’s Strategy
  • Reading: Company origins
  • Business Expressions: Word Formation
  • Cultural Awareness: How to answer the phone
  • Role Play: The deal to sell iPhones
TWITTER: new communication
  • Listening: Twitter company history
  • Pronunciation: ‘e’ sound
  • Grammar: Verb + preposition (phrasal verb)
  • Business Vocabulary: Financial terms
  • Functional Language: Negotiations
  • Reading: Users and Criticism
  • Role Play: Negotiate a deal with Twitter
TYPEFACE: hidden messages
  • Listening: Erik Spiekermann and fonts
  • Pronunciation: Shifting stress patterns
  • Business Vocabulary: Oral Communication
  • Reading: Changing typeface
  • Grammar: Countable and Uncountable nouns
  • Functional Language: So that, to, In order to, So as to
  • Selected Expressions: ‘It’ as the subject
  • Grammar 2: Dependent prepositions
  • Role Play: Choose the best typeface
VIAGRA: hype or profit?
  • Listening: Viagra’s impact on company profit
  • Pronunciation: /ph/ /f/ /th/
  • Cultural Awareness: Visiting the doctor
  • Grammar 1: Verbs of Sense
  • Grammar 2: The Apostrophe
  • Reading: Pfizer’s profits
  • Functional Vocabulary: Equating & Including Ideas
  • Role Play: Situations to Equate & Include Ideas
  • Business Expressions: Time Metaphors
 VIRGIN: how to grow the business
  • Grammar: Adverbs
  • Functional Vocabulary: Advising and Suggesting
  • Listening: Advice from Sir Richard Branson
  • Reading: Tips for entrepreneurs
  • Pronunciation: Homophones
  • Cultural Awareness Point: Giving advice
  • Selected Idioms: Business
  • Role Play: Future direction for Virgin
VODAFONE: business communication
  • Listening: Vodafone’s Origins & Present
  • Pronunciation: Diphthongs – phone & found
  • Business Vocabulary: Phrasal Verbs – Telephone
  • Reading: Vodafone’s Future
  • Grammar: Conditional Clauses – if…not/unless
  • Functional Language: Making a Telephone Call
  • Cultural Awareness: Business Calls
  • Role Play: Acquisition and Budgeting at Vodafone
WARREN BUFFETT: how to invest
  • Grammar: 3 Word Phrasal Verbs
  • Pronunciation: Word Stress Patterns
  • Cultural Awareness Point: American style Meetings
  • Functional Vocabulary: Flattery
  • Listening: Warren Buffett’s Secrets
  • Financial Vocabulary: Metaphors
  • Business Vocabulary: Costs
  • Reading: Warren Buffett – what next?
  • Speaking Practice: Warren Buffett’s Quotes
YOUTUBE: user-generated business
  • Grammar: Pronouns
  • Pronunciation: /j/ – YouTube – Young – Yellow
  • Functional Language: Similarity & Difference
  • Listening: YouTube – the Origins & Future
  • Business Vocabulary: Word Opposites
  • Colloquial Language: Acronyms
  • Cultural Awareness: American style in meetings
  • Reading: YouTube’s Future
  • Role Play: How to attract more audience
ZARA: the fast fashion business
  • Listening Exercise: Zara’s business model
  • Grammar: The Passive Voice
  • Reading Text: Zara – company origins
  • Functional Vocabulary: Persuasive Language
  • Business Vocabulary: Expressions and words
  • Cultural Awareness Point: The Spanish Siesta
  • Pronunciation Practice: /Z/ – /S/ – /Sh/
  • Role Play: Present a Solution to Production Issues