Business English Study offers job opportunities

Business English Teachers – London
Experienced tutors needed for a variety of clients. First language English, qualified in TEFL and subscribe to the Business English Study vision. Free-lance basis on a minimum of £25 per hour.

Volunteer English Teachers – London
Community ESOL classes in London. One evening class per week. Suitable for newly qualified TEFL tutors looking for more teaching experience, or local volunteers who want to contribute to the community.

Global English Teachers 
To deliver bespoke courses to a variety of clients in global locations. Teachers will be: first language English, qualified and experienced to teach TEFL and subscribe to the Business English Study vision. Training is given. Free-lance basis and paid above the local rate.

Study Centre Managers / Micro-Franchisees Owners
This is an excellent opportunity to participate in the Business English Study mission.
Managers / Micro-Franchisees will identify and support clients in global locations.
Applicants need: good English, an ability to market Business English Study to local corporate clients, to oversee the delivery of bespoke learning programmes, to develop networking contacts, manage tutors, and keep clear accurate records.

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